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As Washington State’s only trade association focused on economic development, WEDA is committed to retaining, expanding and recruiting jobs and investment in Washington State. 

WEDA recognizes the devastation felt across our great state, and as we turn our focus to 2022, we call upon our economic development partners, government officials and business leaders to join us in our effort to recover jobs and restore economic vitality in Washington.

Our 2022 Economic Recovery Legislative Agenda outlines the steps WEDA will take in 2022 to recoup and grow living wage jobs, restore communities, and spark re-investment.

WEDA’s Top Economic Recovery Legislative Priorities:

View the complete WEDA 2022 Legislative Agenda

Additional WEDA Priorities

Workforce Development

Job training and placement initiatives are a critical facet of economic development. In a global economy, human capital is an essential ingredient that drives business innovation, growth and competitiveness.

Rule Making

Rules that are proposed by state agencies should include a description of how they would impact economic development and job creation.

Clean/Green Economy

WEDA will support programs and funding to create jobs in the Clean Economy, while also maintaining a balanced approach to maintain our competitiveness.

Housing Affordability & Supply

WEDA will support legislation to improve housing affordability and expand opportunities for housing at all income levels, particularly workforce housing.

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