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Economic Recovery Dashboard

This tool is provided by the Washington State Department of Commerce. It uses a variety of data sources to track Washington state’s economic recovery and resiliency and is a valuable resource to help monitor the economic impact of COVID-19 across Washington.

Click the link below to easily access the latest data available on employment, government assistance programs, businesses and consumer behavior. 

Small Business Recovery Assistance in Washington

Small businesses are the backbone of Washington’s economy and many have been devastated during the pandemic. Many have closed, others are barely hanging on. Small businesses owned by people of color have been particularly impacted. In response, Congress has passed several aid packages and the State of Washington has provided relief, along with many local communities. But resources can be difficult to find, and the applications can be challenging to navigate.
On you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, information on how to find individual technical assistance, how to find a lender, training opportunities and where to find more detailed program information.

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