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Support ADO Innovation Bill – HB 1717 and $5 million (per year, statewide) Funding Request.

This legislation would create a competitive grant program (equitably distributed across the state) to support and catalyze initiatives which will foster Innovation, Sustainability, Partnerships and Equity in results-driven regional economic development. ADOs have a mission of confidential, client-based economic development that public-private partnerships are uniquely equipped to provide. ADOs serve as critical conveners and catalysts at the regional level. ADOs are a proven, accountable, cohesive and intergovernmental network that covers the entire state.

Bill Summary

HB 1717

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Collective ADO Results

businesses served

Over the last five years, local ADO/EDC partners have helped over 575 businesses expand or develop new facilities and assisted 842 startups.

jobs created/retained

These companies have invested over $7.89 billion in land, buildings and equipment. These growing businesses have created over 18,118
new jobs, and retained over 18,497 jobs

$100 million 
in tax revenue

EDC business clients are estimated to generate over $100 million in new tax revenues for Washington State and local communities annually.

2024 Legislative Request

Increase funding for regional capacity to coordinate and deliver economic development services through a new and ongoing $5 million (per year, statewide) “ADO Innovation, Sustainability, Partnerships & Equity Fund.”

Watch the January 24, 2023 hearing in the Senate Committee on Business, Financial Services, Gaming & Trade on SB 5379 (companion to HB 1717)
Full video here.

Watch the February 7, 2023 hearing in the House Committee on Innovation, Community & Economic Development, & Veterans
Full video here.

Proposed Additional State Support

Ongoing “ADO Innovation, Sustainability, Partnerships & Equity Fund”

  • Goal: Recover and grow jobs, retain and expand existing firms, recruit new business, support key industry clusters and support an equitable economy and inclusive economic development
  • Ongoing $5 million (per year, statewide) competitive fund, not a formulaic “plus up” of state funding. The statewide ADO network currently receives $4.3M per year, with a $75K floor for rural counties/small ADOs and $300K cap for large counties- restored to pre-Great Recession levels after severe reductions
  • Annual competitive application (simple & straightforward)
  • Equitably distributed and regionally conceived & directed
  • Would support and align with multiple state and regional initiatives underway and emerging to foster improved workforce development, innovation, sustainability and regional partnerships and collaboration for results-driven inclusive economic development.
  • Beyond the legislative restoration of prior severe state funding reductions from the Great Recession and one-time only funding during the COVID-19 pandemic, ADO funding levels have remained stagnant for decades. Despite significant additional responsibilities and challenges retaining and recruiting staff, ADOs do not receive any Cost-of-Living or inflation adjustments.

Supported by:

And hundreds of economic development organizations, public and private sector, tribal, education/workforce and community leaders across Washington State.

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